Specialty Finishing reflects the very best in overall product knowledge, craftsmanship and production in laminate, solid surface, quartz and granite countertops for both commercial and residential projects.

Laminates: Laminate countertops have advanced in versatility and quality. With laminate, you do not have to choose between beauty and price. Modern techniques allow you to have a solid surface sink in your laminate top. Undermounted stainless steel sinks are an option.

Solid Surfaces: Solid surface countertops have proven themselves to be versatile, beautiful and reliable. They can be shaped and formed in nearly limitless ways to make all of your design dreams a reality. Solid surfaces are not just for kitchens and vanities. Tub decks, shower walls, windowsills, store fixtures and displays are all possible. Because they are non-porous, they will not stain or harbor dangerous bacteria. Seams are inconspicuous.

Quartz (also known as engineered stone): This surface represents the fastest growing segment of today’s countertop materials. This popularity is due to its incredible strength, sophisticated beauty and nearly care-free maintenance. Pure quartz crystals make up at least 93% of all quartz countertops. This material is resistant to heat and scratches. It is non-porous so it doesn’t need to be sealed.

Granite (natural stone): Granite comes from mountains all over the world; no two slabs are the same. This creates an extremely unique look. It can be very subdued or extremely exotic. The choice is yours! It is important to know that seams are visible and some granite is softer and more porous than others.

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